Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer is coooold!

Summer break has only been for two days and the kids are itchin' so bad to play in the water.
Our weather has been nice but not water worthy because it has only gotten up to 60*.
Here the kids are trying to play outside on the slip and slide and Savvy is doing the 'it's soooo cold' dance.
Here is Logan's way of tanning.
Poor kids, just hang on for another week and HOPEFULLY the summer sun with grace us with its presence!


Trinette McCrary said...

Yes, maybe we should all do the summer dance! Looks like they had fun even though they were cold!

RaCHeL said...

Savvy's dance is too funny! I love how Logan is trying to get warm. The heat sure has hit us real quick! High 80's all week. We've gone to the beach a couple times too! Not to rub it in or anything ;) XOXO