Sunday, May 9, 2010

The weekend...

This weekend was
We were able to go to the Denver Temple to see our good friends the Goodalls sealed.

It was fun to capture some pictures of them in front of the temple, they were so thrilled to be there and thanked Ashley for sharing the gospel with them.
Read more of that story here.
Jason and I were able to sneak away from our kiddos to be at the temple with them!Then I was spoiled on Mother's day with the one day a year I get to sleep in, delicious omelets, belgian waffles, a special Chantico chocolate drink that was so thick and delicious I could only swallow 2 sips.

The weather was beautiful so we loaded the whole family up and went on a Sunday drive.

I am so grateful I am the mother of these six kids and the wife of a remarkable man.
Thanks for a great weekend family.


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

What a beautiful weekend. And what a great thing to be there to witness the sealing of friends. Isn't the gospel wonderful!! Your photos from your Sunday drive on Mommy's day are amazing.

joel said...

What a wonderful weekend! Sharing with friends the glories of the temple and families and being with your sweet family. Isn't it nice having one day a year that is all about you! I know I sure love it.

Sheila Madsen said...

Didn't realize that Joel had signed in on my computer so the above comment is from Sheila not Joel. Sorry.