Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Service Project...

When our little Hailey was born 2 months premature,
the hospital gave her a special blanket and it never left her side.
They were constantly wrapping her in it and it became a
memento to us that we are going to save forever!
The NICU goes through so many blankets and I promised them that I would one day do a service project to help replenish them a little.

I had my Activity Day girls
help make 14 blankets, 30 eye coverings and color 40 name displays for the preemie babies.
They had so much fun especially when they were able to deliver them to the NICU nurse!
It was so much fun! Especially knowing we were helping some families make their hospital stay a little more comfortable.

Savvy looking at her new sister a couple of years ago.
The blanket is the one protecting her from the sun. Ahhhh, our little
Who's not so little anymore!
Thank goodness for hospitals
and especially the wonderful nurses and doctors!


RaCHeL said...

What a wonderful project! I didn't know you were Activity Days leader. How fun!

Trinette McCrary said...

Great service project! I'm sure your girls loved serving those sweet babies and families. If you know of anyone else that could use a service project check out the one my friend is doing http://just-because-i-am-me.blogspot.com/2010/04/childrens-hospital-blanket-drive.html

Laura said...

Ha! As I read this post I thought to myself...what a wonderful project and then I saw Rach's post...I guess we're on the same wave length. You can really tell the girls found joy in service from this activity.

Sheila Madsen said...

What a great service project! Looks like the girls all had a great time and yes, you'd never guess that Hailey was ever a preemie - she's caught up with all other nearly two year olds! What a blessing!