Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thank you binder and teacher gifts...

So I have been in a 'create' mood lately- don't ask me why,
with the crazy month of May you would think I would stop making things until summer.
I guess it's my way of preparing for summer and trying to get our lives organized before it hits.

I saw this thank you binder in the Family Fun magazine a while back and had to make one. I try and teach my kids the importance of gratitude and writing thank you notes. So to make it easy for them, they just pull out the binder and everything is there!

You definitely need a thank you note tracker, it helps keep track of who you need to send thank you's to, throw in some stamps and it's complete!

The kids love to decorate and use markers on their thank you notes...

There is a place for the notes and behind it is a place for the envelopes. I used ziploc bags and duct tape for my plastic holders, it's easy to make them just the right size and a little cheaper than buying them!

Also for my kids teacher appreciation gifts, I found these adorable office kits here, they had great ideas for teacher appreciation gifts. Theirs are all color coordinated which I didn't have time to do but the kids had fun helping me assemble them.
Now I must plan out our summer quickly because it is only one week away!
Any great ideas to make your summer a success?


Shauna_Rae said...

Love it Becki! I saw that too in Family Fun and thought that I need to make one. Maybe I will just still yours when I come over!

Sheila Madsen said...

Great idea. Anything that helps keep us up on things is a must. Can't believe summer starts in just one week for your kids. WOW - where has the year gone?

Travis & Erin said...

Such a cute idea. How is the whole get the house on the market going? We move a week from tomorrow. Let's just say that this is not going to be a fun week at all!