Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy birthday Savvy!

Today my princess is 4.

She has been waiting for this day for 365 days and finally it is here!

We had so much fun this weekend taking her four year old pictures, unlike her older brothers who despise the camera, she was posing and modeling and didn't want it to ever end!

We are so grateful she is a part of our family,
she is so creative and loves to use her imagination!

She just moved up to double advancement in gymnastics!
The teacher said she is one of the strongest little girls she has ever taught.
She started walking when she was 7 months old-
the doctor didn't believe me until I put her down and he saw her walk!

Any room lights up when she enters it and she can carry on a great conversation with anyone!
We love you dear Savvy!

And of course, no photo shoot would be complete without a picture of her and her best buddy Hailey.

Happy 4th!
Chuck E Cheese, here we come!


Cheeky Kitchen said...

Happy Birthday, Saavy!

Becki- you're pics are so adorable! That giant bow on Saavy's head?! ADORABLE!

Love you guys!

Hendry Happenings said...

What a little sweetie. Her little personality comes through in the pictures. Have a fun time at Chuck E. Cheese!

RaCHeL said...

Happy Birthday sweet Savvy! I can't believe she is 4! I remember like it was yesterday coming out to help when she was born. Crazy how quick the years pass! The photos are darling! I love the big white flower & the ones where she is in front of the pink flowers! We love you!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Savvy! You are such a cutie pie, work that camera little girl! : D

courtnee said...

Happy Birthday to your cute girl, and cute she sure is.

Emily H said...

Adorable!! Hope your birthday was great Savvy!!

Sheila Madsen said...

What darling pictures of our sweet little 4 year old! She's such a bundle of energy wrapped up in a tiny body. Congratulations on doing so well in gymnastics! Always knew you would be good at that cause you are energetic and have climbed all over your house from the time you were a toddler! Way to go.

Becky - absolutely love the photos!!