Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where are you SUMMER?

I am so ready for summer!!!
This crazy schedule is making me
We are only half way through the week and so far it has consisted of:
My cute Savvy's birthday...
(I could do this everyday though, look at how darn cute she is!)

Logan and I attended a 'supposed' piano performance though they ended up not doing
any piano performances and only put on an opera.
Logan was so mad-he LIVES for anything piano and to sit through a one hour performance of opera was pure torture for the boy.
Oh well, it was fun to be together!
Right Logan?

One of the many last minute school projects for Ashley was her state float,
she had New Mexico...
Carly, Aleita and Ashley.
Add in Carson's eggonaut project, McKay's boat regada, field trip after field trip, Ashley's graduation, Carson's field day, Logan's read-a-thon, assembling last minute teacher gifts, Jason's trip, father and sons campout, gymnastics, boy scouts, activity days, finishing our summer schedule, getting MY school books ready so I can go back to school in 2 weeks
and we pretty much will pass out come Monday.

I love summer...
I love having a break from the crazy routine
I love warm weather
I love early morning outdoor runs
I love fresh lemonade while my kids run through the sprinklers
I love to BBQ with friends
I love taking a million pictures of kids and nature
I love laying on blankets outside and reading
I love looking up at the stars at night with my kids
I love evening walks with my husband
I love taking family vacations


Laura said...

Your projects are never ending! Glad summer is coming soon! I thought Logan liked Opera?!?!?! Tell Smash great job on her float!

Trinette McCrary said...

What's up with the opera-Ha! Great pics. The weather is going to be awesome through the weekend-wahoo! I can't believe your kids have two days left of school! We still have 9 days!

Sheila Madsen said...

Busy, Busy Bees that's what you all are!!
Wow, Savvy that sure was a pretty princess birthday cake. Did it taste good, too?

Natalie said...

We are counting down the days here too..I can't wait! Enjoy your kids and your summer vacation!