Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet potatoes and a not-so-sweet-mom...

Hailey has a new fascination with sweet potatoes.
I brought some home from the grocery store, put them on the counter and she started screaming, "baby, baby, baby!!"
It took me a second to realize her baby was a sweet potato.
She proceeded to wrap it in a kitchen towel, dad added a little face to it and she played and played with it.
She walked off and I assumed she was done playing so I took the sweet potato, cut off the skin, chopped it in pieces and began to cook it.
Then I hear this sweet voice say,
as she is taking the remains of her sweet potato baby out of the garbage.
I had to hurry and take her outside to swing
so we could carefully and secretly hide the rest of her sweet potato baby.
I know, I know...
Rest in peace little sweet potato!
You sure were yummy!


RaCHeL said...

First off, that is so precious! You need to get her a Mrs. Potato Head. And second, Becki you should be ashamed of yourself. :) tee-hee Just teasin!

Laura said...

I for reals did an LOL when I read this! I agree, she needs a Mrs. Potato Head...what, what is this?!?! Is this baby's skin?!?! Ohhhh the horror!

Trinette McCrary said...

Ah, what a cute new friend for Hailey! Shame on you for cooking her friend....too cute!

Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

I featured your Family Member Guess Who Game on my blog. It was just too creative! I hope that is ok? Thanks.