Sunday, June 20, 2010

Savannah's new song...

Watch out American Idol, here is your next contestant!
(turn off the music on our blog so you can hear her)

I had to write down the words to her song, they are pretty funny-

'Sort of'
by Savvy

She had pink shoes
And sort of Jesus loved-ed him
And sort of I knowed how things looked like in men
You better guess you're gonna get a better guessing happy birthday
Any time a cake looks pink
It's always in the go
Had pink hair, dolls and I love Jesus
Sort of Jesus loves us
And sort of my mommy and dad and family they love all of me
And sort of I knowed how you look like
Sort of mommy gave me a ton of hugs and
Sort of daddy was gone at work
And sort of I knowed how things looked.

Bravo, Savannah, Bravo!


RaCHeL said...

That is too cute! She is very talented! :)

Laura said...

Best song ever!!!! I love how she would get louder and softer on certain parts!

John McLay said...

That was sort of AWESOME! Way to go, Savvy! I love it.

Sheila Madsen said...

What can I say? But precious, precious, precious. She's quite the song writer and singer.