Monday, August 2, 2010

More utah fun...

Another delicious BBQ- this time with Jason's side.
It was a blast to be able to see so much family! Living away from family makes these family visits so much more meaningful!
We had a pinata this time...
The kids are all lined up ready to start!

Carson takes a turn...

So does little miss Hailey...

And McKay...

All of the kids had a turn and then to make it easier, Jason's cousin Brad just ripped it apart and let the kids scamper like little ants.
They had a

There was also some serious hoola hoopin' by Savvy!

We also got to go to our little niece Norah's baby blessing, what a treat since we aren't usually in town for those!
Anne and Norah

Hyrum and Norah

We sure love being with family!

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