Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rest in peace Cinnamon...

Ashley's pet rat, Cinnamon, went to rat heaven yesterday.
He was 3 1/2 years old-which is very old for a rat.
He died a happy rat because Ashley took such good care of him.
She would save her money when he got hurt or sick and take him to the vet, she gave him baths and even took him on walks.
He sure lived a good life!Cinnamon showed no signs of sickness or anything- he just died of old age.
The night before Cinnamon died, Ashley played with him a lot longer than usual, she said how grateful she was that she chose to spend time with him instead of doing something else that night!
We will miss you Cinnamon!


RaCHeL said...

That is so sad :( I'm so sorry Ashley. I know how much you loved Cinnamon. I'm glad you got in that last long play with him before he passed. R.I.P. Cinnamon XOXO

Trinette McCrary said...

Give Ashley a big hug for me. Cinnamon was one lucky rat to have such a sweet girl.

Sheila Madsen said...

So sorry to hear about Cinnamon. I know you will miss him. You have loved him so much and taken such good care of him. Good bye, Cinnamon.

twin said...

Ashley. I'm sorry for your loss. Our pets are such awesome friends because they just love us. Glad you got to spend special time with him.