Thursday, October 21, 2010


en had this picture of her and Ryan when they were dating in high school-how fun!
High school sweethearts-

Almost twenty years later...
husband and wife!

More pictures from Mexico-

Here is a picture of the little monkey that was at our hotel.
Melissa kept throwing the animals food and they loved it!
She almost got caught when she threw the alligator some pringle chips!

So sweet...
Corbin and Em...
My sis Mis-
Just relaxing in the ocean!
Goofy Jen-
Fun with Em and my mom at a restaurant-

Isn't Jen's shirt adorable?
My mom, Jen and Jaden got getting their hair braided...

Turned out so cute! Jaden's hair took forever because she has so much of it!

I just adore my little sister Mis, she makes us laugh so hard!

Us having fun throwing Jaden in the ocean!

I could go to Mexico just to watch the sunset, it is always so beautiful!
It was a wonderful trip and the best part was being with family.
Our hotel was horrible with bed bugs, broken air conditioning, having to move rooms 3 times, yucky food, and giving us all Montezuma's revenge with the gross water but it was worth it being able to see my beautiful sisters wedding and spending the week laughing, goofing off, relaxing and chatting with my sweet sisters and mom!
Till we meet again Mexico!

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RaCHeL said...

Those pics are all so much fun! I love all the silliness they express. You guys sure had a ball! I want to go so badly!!!