Thursday, June 2, 2011

Signs of summer...

 Alas, it is summer. I think we are finally settling in to the laxed routine
although we have all had the flu and croup so that kind of puts a damper on things.

We have been lucky to have a nest in our play house and the kids have loved checking the progress of the birds each day.
 Whenever we approach the play house and look at the birds, the mom chirps and chirps a warning to us to get away from her babies. So our check-ups are quick and the girls finally realized they can not get close to the nest.
Savvy named all of the birds-
Lily, Sarah, Rose and Kate.
It's pretty amazing how fast the whole lay egg, hatch, grow and fly off process takes. Here are the birds a week later-
 Other signs of summer-
reading and catching some sun rays-
Planting annuals and eating popsicles-

Going to the movies-

Making delicious desserts-

And of course, Carson making movie clips-



Trinette McCrary said...

We are so loving summer right now too! The birds are awesome!

Sheila Madsen said...

All the pics made me think of an old song: "Summer time and the livin' is easy.."
I was just wondering if Carson had made any new movie clips and opened up your blog and there one was!!

colleen said...

Awe the lazy days of summer - only your days aren't lazy the are BUSY!!

colleen said...

Hey Carson - how'd you do that - it's magic.