Sunday, July 24, 2011

Artful afternoon...

Each summer I take the kids to the Fine Arts Center to look at art and paint their own masterpieces. This year I taught them about Picasso. I have been learning about him in my Art Appreciation class this summer. He stopped painting traditional style when the camera came out and decided since you could capture an image instantly with a camera he better paint abstract art to make people interested in it. I love his abstract work! So the kids came up with their own-

This is one of a few pieces of art the kids could touch and of course they are 
sticking their fingers in the mouth.

McKay was so thrilled to be here (haha)

It was so fun and as all the paintings were drying in the sun, we turned around and 
noticed Hailey had stepped into the wet paint and was jumping on top of all the paintings.
so they now have her cute little toes and feet on everyone's artwork. Silly girl.


Emily H said...

Can't wait to do this with my kids!

Sheila Madsen said...

You always think of the funnest ways to educate the kids! It is fun to see them at work and to see the end results. I guess Hailey had to put her "mark" on them all!!She got the last word so to speak.

colleen said...

Thanks for sharing what your family is up to . I do appreciate this way of keeping up with you guys. Fun summer activities too.