Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's a new BLOG!!

I have been wanting to start a new blog forever...
one that I can put my ideas, thoughts, crafts, etc. on and not
bombard my family who just wants to see my family and others who just want to see
the crafts, ideas and thoughts with one blog.
So here I am to introduce to you....
Organic Families.
A blog where I and others will share our tried and true secrets of raising families.
I am no means an expert in parenting or anything for that matter.
I think
I read
I try
I beg
I plead
to raise amazing kids, have an amazing family and make a difference in this world.
I made this blog to help myself and share my ideas as well as others ideas 
on families. 

After all, raising a family is like planting a garden...
you plant
you nurture
you get frustrated
you nourish
you pick
and eventually,
you end up with an amazing reward in the end.
Good luck to us all who are in the race of raising
awesome families.

Go to the new blog 
and follow so you never miss a post!
Madsen's Memories will remain a blog about our everyday family lives with
a little less ideas and crafting!

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