Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunset Talks and farewell to Florida...

Sunset talks are my favorite.
It is so special to be able to watch the breathtaking
sunset while talking with our kids about their hopes, dreams and 

Of course I went camera crazy trying to capture the sunset!
I am amazed at it's beauty.

Farewell Florida-
thanks for the memories and sharing your beauty.
I hope our paths cross again soon!


RaCHeL said...

I just caught up on all of your Florida posts. Man oh man am I jealous! To be relaxing, playing eating & enjoying every minute on the beach sounds SOOOO good. :) glad you got to do some fun excursions too. Love all the pics!

Laura said...

So fun! The little girls crack me up...running hand in hand on the beach : )

Trinette McCrary said...

Great pics and what a glorious time you all had!

colleen said...

What a fun vacation for you all and the sunsets are terrific - especially love the one with the fence along the beach and the sun just peeking over the horizon and the pink surround it. Very nice.