Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cute kids at swim lessons...

I realize I haven't been capturing my kids and all of the sports they participate in, 
just the competitions. 
I keep thinking I have to have my nice camera with me in order to take pictures
but I don't...

I have a camera on my phone and 
by golly, 
that can capture anything, even if it isn't the best quality!

These are from swimming lessons.
I know they aren't really of swimming but I couldn't resist capturing 
their faces with the pool in the background.

I was hysterical with this picture. I told Hailey to smile and smile she did!
I see modeling in her future...
Cute Savvy, I love the close up of her big blue eyes!
And melt my heart boy,
I love Logan's smile!


Laura said...

Those shots are great! Love those kidlettes!

Emily H said...

What cute kids, they must take after their Aunty Em.