Monday, October 24, 2011

What a weekend we had!!
Of course, football...
 Jason and Hailey went on a daddy daughter date to Hailey's preschool,
she had to get all dolled up for her daddy. 
It was so precious!!

They carved pumpkins at the party...
Of course, Hailey had to name her pumpkin, 'Pumpkin with eyes'.,
They had a great time together, it's so sweet to see my girls so in love with their daddy!

We also had some notty moments...
Hailey and Savvy took permanent marker and decided to decorate their faces.

Hailey also decided getting peanut butter out with her hands was much more fun than using a spoon...

We wanted to carve our pumpkins a week early so we could enjoy them!

McKay FINALLY decided he would participate when he found out there was
 prizes to be awarded afterwards...

The finished masterpieces...

Jason and I went to a UCCS business competition dinner.
Entrepreneurs from all over the country entered
 a contest in hopes of winning the top prize, which is a lot of money to
further their business idea.
It was amazing!
Amazing people, amazing ideas and Rulon Gardner was the keynote speaker.
His story is also amazing...

Sunday we went on a picnic by a duck pond.
It was so wonderful and such a beautiful day!

And now, my dishwasher broke, my kids are getting sick, I have tons of homework and tomorrow is MONDAY.
Why do weekends have to go so fast???

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colleen said...

It's sure been a great fall - such colors on the trees and you all have definitely been enjoying the great outdoors. Love ya.