Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's here, just a little too soon...

I'm not sure I am ready for the cold.
Today as the snow fell...
games were cancelled
pancakes were made
fireplace was on
giggles were heard from two little girls who woke up, 
looked at the snow and said, "It's Christmas!!!!"
 the sweet feeling of happiness and peace as we all stayed indoors and 
enjoyed the moment.

Ok Winter wonderland...
I want more days like today!


Sheila Madsen said...

Two little snow princesses! How cute! We had snow too and it put Grandpa into the Christmas mood as well!! Great pics Becki. You sure caught the beauty and the cold!!

Laura said...

I'm glad Savvy saw wisdom in putting some pants on vs her sparkly skirt!

Emily H said...

So glad we went to Colorado when it wasn't snowing!! The picture of cute Savvy in her skirt in the snow cracked me up. Love you.

colleen said...

Love the photos you always capture nature in such a beautiful way. However I am glad that we haven't had snow in Saratoga Springs :)