Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The weekend...

Lovely weekend which included:
 McKay's first Homecoming Dance.
He went with a big group of friends and told me I get to take one, only one picture so here it is...
he is one handsome kid!
And McKay, you WILL thank me one day for being 
an annoying picture-taker-of-everything mom. 
I am only trying to document your life!
And of course, the weekend included lots of football games and football watching and football eating!

Lots of crafts- Savvy's new thing is to make a picture, have me cut it into puzzle pieces for her 
to put back together... so cute!

I love weekends!!


Laura said...

Ohhhh homecoming! Savvy is so smart, she gets a new puzzle each time she draws!

Sheila Madsen said...

McKay looks very handsome. I remember going to homecoming myself (eons ago, I know). Hope he had fun. Logan looks "tough" in his football uniform and looks like Savvy is turning out to be as creative as her mom!

colleen said...

Keep on taking those pics! they will bring back precious memories as time goes by - and yes even the kids will be glad you took them!

Emily H said...

McKay looks thrilled!! Too funny. Tell Savvy I would like her to send me one of her master piece puzzles.