Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our lives lately...

It's two in the morning and I can not sleep worth anything.
Maybe it's good because I am 
on blogging, Christmas shopping, editing pictures, you name it.
Life is beautifully wonderful but a little crazy right now!

One wonderful thing is...
I got LASIK!!
Don't I look hot in my shower cap and eye protectors?
Oh yea! 
All I can say is
if you are even considering LASIK.
I can't believe it took me this long to do it. I was telling Jason it almost makes me cry to be able to 
wake up and see clearly, to not have constant blood-shot irritated eyes and to be able to see details on trees and mountains. 
It is 

Our lives have been overcome with wrestling. We have almost four tournaments a week which last anywhere from 4 hours to 6 hours each. 
Here is McKay at his Palmer High match (he is green).
He pinned him but my video got cut off.

 Here is one of Carson's 4 matches at the Lightning Strikes Twice Tournament
he is in red:

Here is one of Logan's 3 matches at the Lightning Strikes Twice Tournament
he is in blue:

Logan placed first in his division-

Carson placed third in his division-

The weekend consisted of more wrestling though we were able to sneak in
3D movie of HUGO. It was great and so much fun to be with the family!

 Can you say cute?

Now it's almost 4 and my body is finally realizing it needs at least an hour of sleep 
so I am off to snooze land....


Emily H said...

Your kids place in wrestling and they give them a puzzle piece??? I hope you didn't wake up an hour later and go to the gym.

Sheila Madsen said...

You guys never stop moving! Crazy but one day you will miss those days (honest).