Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Way belated birthday wishes to Carson

Carson had a birthday way back in June and I have slacked, seriously at keeping our blog up to date. Carson enjoyed friends and family at our neighborhood pool. He is a kid who has an absolute engineer mind. Our yard is always filled with junk as he creates non-stop. He created a hover craft with his best friend Evan and creates all sorts of toys for his little sisters. He may one day be the next Albert Einstein! Happy birthday Carson!


RaCHeL said...

Holy cow! THat hover craft is SOOO cool!! He is so talented. And I love the seesaw for the girls. What kind of cakes were those? Glad he had a great birthday!

Laura said...

Carson is amazing! Totally a 2 birthday cake kind of guy : D

Sheila Madsen said...

Finally had a moment to check blogs. So fun to see them all. Looks like Carson had an awesome birthday and it was fun to thee the teeter-totter he built for his sisters. I love seeing his creations.