Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Parable of the splotchy grass...

Occasionally it's fun to repost a past entry...
I came across this the other day and wanted to post it again.
Remember to always love the moment you are in!

The other day I was coveting my neighbors lawn,
which is the most PERFECT patch of grass I have ever seen.
Maybe it has something to do with him mowing it every other day, using scissors to trim the strays, fertilizing it weekly and observing it each night.
(mind you he is a retired gentleman).
I thought, "Why does my grass look all splotchy and not perfect like his?"
So I walked on over and said, "Tell me your secret, how, how, how do you do it?"
He smiled at me and said, "I am raising grass, you are raising children."

 he is right.
For such a short time,
I won't have perfect grass, but I will have happy children prancing all over it.
I won't have clean walls, but I will have children wiping their messy hands all over it.
I won't have clean glass doors or windows, but I will have my children's eager faces pushed against them, awaiting the arrival of their daddy after a long days work.
So suddenly I realize I do like my imperfect grass because it means
right now
and the time will come when I will miss that.

So thank you my perfectly-perfect grass loving neighbor for sharing your secret.
Devote your time and energy to what you are raising and the outcome will be wonderful.


Sheila Madsen said...

I remember when your neighbor shared this good thought with you and he is so right. When the children are all gone you will be grateful for the time you spent with them. You are a wonderful mother and far wiser than I at the same age!

RaCHeL said...

Loved this! Just what I need to read too. :)

Ronda Batchelor said...

Great reminder I need to hear!!

Emily H said...

This got me teary eyed too. I am going to post this on my blog. XOXO