Monday, April 15, 2013


We survived the Tough Mudder.
An 11 mile run with 25 obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces. 
Our name was Team Anchormen (after the movie which is hilarious!) 
because we are all 'kind of a big deal'.
My least favorite obstacle was the 'Arctic Enema' You had to jump into
 freezing, freezing, FREEZING ice cold water, and yes it had thousands of pounds of ice cubes. I could hardly breathe once I got out and never quite got my body temperature down after that, but I finished and loved every moment of it, especially doing it with friends and my awesome hubby. Jason rocked all of the obstacles, seriously, he would help dozens of people over and then go over himself. Yeah- he is absolutely amazing
and buff and gorgeous.
These were the before pictures:

During the race...


And after...

We love you Team Anchormen!


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

awesome! I am doing the tough mudder on June 15th! I am so looking forward to it. Do you have any tips for a first timer?

Emily H said...

You are my hero!