Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Logan!

Our sweet little Logan turned 6 on Dec. 30-we were out of town so happy be-lated birthday to you Logan!
The top five reasons we love Logan:
1. He can make any baby smile and loves little kids!
2. He helps out so much around the house.
3. He has a hilarious sense of humor
(We always call him "Car-Log" all the time because he and his brother Carson's names end with the same "an" sound and we get mixed up, so one day he said, "Mom, just call me Carlo from now on!")
4. He loves hugs and loves for mom and dad to tickle him.
5. He is a great student and loves to get good grades!
When I went into parent teacher conferences, the teacher said that all of the other parents were asking who this Logan kid was because apparently all the girls go home and draw pictures of him because he is so darn cute!

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