Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hailey's face trauma...

Little Hailey's face has had quite the week...
She decided she would write on her face with permanent marker,
not fun to clean off
- but-
I was quite impressed with how precise her marker lipstick was!
And then...
I don't know what it is with the doctors office but my children always seem to get hurt. It IS a great place to get hurt though! When McKay was 3 he was running to the toys, fell and bashed his ear into a table slicing it about a half inch.
He ended up needing surgery to repair it.
Hailey decided to stand up on a chair and lean forward which caused her and the chair to fall forward bashing her little noggin' up pretty bad. The pictures are pretty bad because they are from my phone and it doesn't really show that it was swollen to the size of a golf ball.
I was at the doctor for me but they ended up needing to see her too!
We love you Hailey and hope your face can have a break for the rest of the week!


Trinette McCrary said...

Poor baby! That girl sure does love markers!

Laura said...

She was inspired by Ashley's makeover earlier this week. Poor Boo...hope her noggin feels better soon!

courtnee said...

Poor thing! breaks my heart for her, she is still a cutie with a marker face.