Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My crazy schedule...

My cute friend asked me to share my daily schedule,
I actually did this a couple of years ago
but it has changed a little so I decided to update it.

-Hit snooze button and wish I had 2 more hours of sleep.
4:40am-Roll out of bed and go to the gym to work off the poundage of having 6 children.
6:30am-Start a nice warm breakfast for the family that some eat and some just push around
6:45am-Scripture study with the family to ensure they have their spiritual "Armor" on
7:00am-Serve that nice warm breakfast and try to read paper and converse with 7 other people
7:15am-Clean up that nice, warm breakfast
(including the food Hailey has so graciously thrown on the wall)
7:35am-Take kids to school
8:10am-Take more kids to school
8:30am-Make bed, pick up house from morning craziness, start laundry
9:00am-Finally get in shower
9:15am-Find something to entertain Savvy and Hailey so I can apply some cover up to the dark circles under my bloodshot eyes
9:45am-Run to the grocery store, dry cleaners (cuz who has time, or the desire, to iron?)
10:30am-Come home and get a snack for Savannah and Hailey.
11:00am-Play games, read stories, learn ABC's with little girls.
11:30pm-Lunch time
12:15pm-Take some phone calls while I clean up lunch
1:00pm-Attempt to put Savvy and Hailey down for a nap
1:10pm-Retreat to the office where I have approximately 60 minutes to read scriptures, pay bills, check email, write letters, make more phone calls, update blog, search for homes to buy, practice my Spanish with Rosetta Stone, plan meals, etc. While all this is happening, Savvy has gotten out of bed 10 times and I have given up and sent her to be babysat by a movie.
2:30pm-Pick up kids from school
2:45pm-Sort through schoolwork, parent forms, get kids after school snack, hear about their day while Hailey rips up the artwork they worked so hard on
3:30pm-Pick more kids up from school, more snacks, hear about the interesting things that go on in Middle school, secretly pray for your children and their school experiences
4:00pm-Take kids to piano, wrestling, art classes, track, etc.
5:30pm-Start dinner preparations, have a different kid every night learn to cook with me.
6:00pm-Shout for joy (and go somewhere quiet) when my sweet Jason calls on his way home from work and we talk until he pulls into the garage because what other time do we have to talk that long?
6:30pm-Eat dinner, find out about everyone's day. I so love this part of my day when we are all together!
7:00pm-Clean up dinner and if I am lucky, I actually get help cleaning it up.
7:30pm-Baths, family prayer, brush teeth, stories, tuck ins and then..
8:00pm-Pick up house from afternoon craziness
8:30pm-Get myself ready for bed, tell kids 400 times to stay in bed and quiet down, snuggle with hubby and chat for a moment.
9:30pm-Kneel down and thank Heavenly Father that I get to have a crazy schedule like this.
10:00pm-Slip off to dream land...

O bed! O bed! delicious bed!
That heaven upon earth to the weary head.
~Thomas Hood, Miss Kilmansegg - Her Dream


Cumorah said...

Thanks for sharing Becki! Jam packed - and it sounds like you still find time for great little teaching moments - and things your kids will remember forever. You're awesome!


I understand completely... By Wednesday I was at my 6th soccer game this week. Coaching 2 of them. 4 1/2 hours of sleep and still up at one am this morning UGH HOW DO WE GET MORE TIME IN A DAY?

mymadness said...

This is my new favorite blog... keep them coming!!

Muneca1900 said...

Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed reading.