Saturday, July 17, 2010

An AMAZING Hike...

I have some great friends that I work out with every morning.
We have been doing some pretty long runs and wanted to do something different so Friday we decided to take a hike up the Incline. We got up at 3:45am so we could hike it in time to see the sunrise. The Incline is an old train track that would take people up the mountain to about 8,600'. The steepest section is at a grade of 68%. It was amazing, inspiring, terribly hard and oh so much fun.
Hundreds of people a day hike the incline.
It is a challenge and quite an accomplishment when achieved.

You start way down by the arrow-

Debi, Heather, Jill and I...

My camera didn't cooperate with this picture but I had to post it because it is too fun! It was Debi's first time up the Incline-great job Debi!

We made it in time for the sunrise.
SO beautiful!

The run back down was a blast!
Thanks ladies for an amazing morning!
Can't wait to do it again!


Cumorah said...

Such dedication! That's awesome! I hope you got to take a good long nap that afternoon!

Emily H said...

you rock! That looks like a blast even though I would die if I ever tried it! You are amazing!