Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My quick visit to Utah...

After Mine and Jason's little weekend getaway, he drove home and I flew from Albuquerque to Utah for my Grandpa Hansen's celebration of life.
It was nice to see family and be able to celebrate my grandpa's life.

My dad and I...

My dad was adopted by his birth mother's sister and hadn't seen his real brother for years,
it was pretty special to see them together after so long!
Grandma Hansen, Randy and my dad Terry...

I was asked to sing 'Amazing Grace'-
it was an honor.

My sis Jen and her fiance Ryan..

My sisters...
Emily, Missy, (me) and Jen
Missy can never keep her eyes open for a picture!
Silly lady!

It was a great weekend and a big thanks to my
wonderful mother in law for caring for our kiddos!
You are a saint!


Emily H said...

It was good to see you for 12 hours!

brandy said...

I love your family!! All of you :)