Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Update-

Friday McKay and his friends left their school dance in a limo. They all pitched in money to be taken from their school, drive around town and then be dropped off at a movie. He was humiliated that I wanted a picture so instead of taking my nice big camera I just snapped one with my phone out of my car window when I picked Ashley up. He didn't even see me.... so no harm done to his reputation.

It was Jason and Logan's date night so Jason took him to see some live Jazz music and eat some delicious dinner. They had such a great time!

Jason and I snuck in another date and went to the CC Hockey game. 
I love my man-he is so much fun to be with!

Beautiful weather is here for a week so enjoy!


RaCHeL said...

Wow! My first limo ride was junior prom. What a fun thing to do. Glad you got an extra date to the game. So fun!

Emily H said...

Man I have NEVER been in a limo! Lucky kid. Looks like a fabulous weekend.